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Property Management


Well looked after

Property management - no matter whether the property in question is owner-occupied or tenant-occupied - calls for a high level of know-how, organisational capability, attention to detail, reliability and transparency. You can count on our team of well-trained, knowledgeable and proficient staff.

Here's how we work on your behalf

Each consultant is responsible for the properties in his/her portfolio and acts as the direct point of contact for the owners, tenants and authorities. This approach guarantees optimum fulfilment of the defined objectives. Our consultants also carry out regular inspections of their properties. Efficient IT systems ensure swift provision of accurate, detailed information for our clients plus superlative service in all aspects of modern property management.

At your service whatever the issue

We provide you with advice and support in all property management matters:

Tenant-occupied buildings, commercial premises

  • Representation of property owners
  • Notification of current developments regarding the property
  • Owner account statements
  • Property-related taxes and charges
  • Service charge statements
  • Optimization of running costs
  • Letting contract service
  • Tenant enquiries
  • Accounting
  • Servicing of property, routine inspections
  • Insurance matters
  • Contractual negotiations with all trade contractors
  • Management of defects and repairs
  • Construction management

Owner-occupied buildings

  • Representation of property owners
  • Reporting
  • Administrative support including organisation of regular owners' meetings as required by law
  • Management of income and expenses
  • Accounting
  • Service charge and repair fund statements
  • Optimization of running costs
  • Property-related taxes and charges
  • Insurance matters
  • Contractual negotiations with all trade contractors
  • Management of defects and repairs
  • Construction management

See for yourself

The following selected reference projects showcase the services we provide as a property agent and manager for owner-occupied and tenant-occupied apartment buildings and commercial premises.



The "Liegenfeld-Hof" is a tenant-occupied apartment building in late Historicist style with a bay-windowed facade and monumental foyer. F&P has been managing the property, which has a usable floor space of 5,200 m², for several decades now.


Originally built in 1888 by Josef Nemecek and Robert Prihoda, a substantial investment has been made in refurbishing and upgrading this apartment building. The property has been managed by F&P since 2002.


This residential and commercial complex close to the market hall on Nussdorfer Straße dates from 1875 and has a usable floor space of over 2,000 m². F&P has been managing the property since 1973.

F&P Immobilien
Teinfaltstraße 9/4, 1010 Vienna
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